Tumblr fans, TNR’s convention double issue is here!

In this special issue, Leon Wieseltier examines Paul Ryan’s nasty ideal of self-reliance, Noam Scheiber outlines Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions for 2016, Marc Tracy reveals how BuzzFeed is remaking campaign coverage, and Walter Kirn explains why this is the most compelling election in years.

In addition, Jed Perl pays a visit to the Barnes Foundation, Noreen Malone examines the political philosophy of Anna Wintour, and Seth Stevenson explores the effects of campaign ads on the mind. Also, don’t miss Timothy Snyder on military trials, Mark Noll on American evangelicals, Judge Richard A. Posner on the incoherence of Antonin Scalia, and Paul Starr on politics in the orbit of money.

Click here to access the September 13th issue and much more!

Good afternoon. The digital edition of our July 12th issue is now available online.

Read Walter Kirn’s TNR debut on why he wishes the Obamas would stop inviting him to dinner, Jake Tapper on “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin’s empty critique of cable news, Jack Goldsmith on why SCOTUS leaks less than the CIA, Eliza Gray on Mormons networking in DC, and John McWhorter on speech in the age of Twitter

Check out our exclusive London 2012 coverage, including: Howard Jacobson on London’s comical mayor Boris Johnson, Aleksander Hemon on the pleasures of hating English football, Linda Colley on Britain’s constitutional crisis, Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the Scottish threat to Britain, and Robert Skidelsky on the domestic exile of John Maynard Keynes.  

Also, don’t miss Timothy Noah’s TRB column on Mitt Romney’s minimum wage position, Sean Wilentz on Lyndon Johnson’s feuds, Leon Wieseltier on Amazon’s scheming, and much more.