Quote IconThat payroll tax taken out of everybody’s check? It’s buying you Medicare and Social Security, which means a more secure retirement free of crippling medical bills. Your federal income tax? Its effects are a lot more diffuse. But chances are pretty good that you’ve already used some infrastructure today—whether it was a road or railway you took to work, or maybe the information technology connections you’re using to read this article. Federal, state, and local taxes helped pay for that. Is your water and air clean? Are you safe from threats, domestic and foreign? Then you’re getting something valuable from the Environment Protection Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Defense. Your tax dollars paid for those, too.

More New Taxes! A bigger April 15 bill would mean a better society.

Happy Tax Day!

"After a two-year investigation, the House of Representatives found veteran congressman Charles Rangel guilty of 11 congressional ethics violations, including failure to pay taxes on a Caribbean vacation home. The Democrat from Harlem—who reluctantly stepped down as chair of the House Ways and Means committee amid pressure from Democrats and Republicans—tearfully pleaded for “fairness and mercy” from his colleagues, but he wasn’t able to escape formal censure from the House.”

- TNR Staff, A Brief Audit of Politicians’ Tax Problems

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Jonathan Cohn wants Congress to raise his taxes.

Happy Tax Day. And I mean that sincerely. I don’t like parting with my money any more than you do. But I like what my tax dollars buy. Public schools. Safe food and consumer products. National security. The post office. Guaranteed income and health insurance for my aging parents, plus (soon) a guarantee of health insurance for my immediate family.