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How zany are the country’s zaniest Super PACs? 

"And then there are the enigmas that couldn’t be cracked, like the approximately 60 committees—which go by names like “Fannie Mae Affiliated Mortgage Lenders Super PAC,” “United States Celebrities Super PAC,” “Exxon Mobil Corporation Shareholders Super PAC,” and “United States Former Presidents Super PAC”—that are all registered to the same 30-year-old Florida native, Josue Larose. To date, Larose, a purported billionaire and perennial candidate for statewide office, hasn’t actually raised or spent any money on federal campaigns, prompting questions about whether he is engaged in the campaign finance version of cyber-squatting. In previous years, he has registered more than 340 PACs (such as “Billionaire Josue Larose’s Dating Women Committee”) and 40 political parties in Florida, inspiring a new state law prohibiting individuals from chairing more than one political party at the same time."

-Jesse Zwick, “Citizens Excited

Photo courtesy of Christian Science Monitor