Will Mitt Romney’s budget ax have an Oedipus complex?

"Mitt Romney, as everyone knows by now, has pretty much lived his life in hopes of living up to the example set by his father George, possibly to his own political detriment. For him now to be casually suggesting that he’ll jettison the federal agency that his father led suggests, once again, that the daddy issues here are rather more complex than meets the eye. George Romney was not just named to lead HUD by Richard Nixon—he was fiercely committed to the department’s work, and resented Nixon’s attempts to rein in his plans for it, eventually resigning his Cabinet in protest. In their indispensable new biography of Mitt, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman note that Nixon had appointed Romney to HUD as a way to punish him for refusing to release his delegates to Nixon at the 1968 GOP convention.”

Alec MacGillis, Will Mitt’s Budget Ax Have An Oedipus Complex?

- Photo courtesy of Sumnonrabidus’s Blog