Quote IconIf the administration can’t be troubled to defend it in a full-throated and serious way, why should anyone pause to ask whether we’re pervasively confusing minor technical mistakes with real civil liberties infringements and whether we’re confusing a remarkable big picture portrait of self-policing and intelligence collection under the law with a portrait of rampant spying on Americans?

There’s a Perfectly Good NSA Defense that the Obama Administration Isn’t Making. By Benjamin Wittes.

Did former Chief of Staff Bill Daley leave office because he missed Chicago or did he fail at his job?

"As recently as October, Daley had told a Chicago television station that he “made a commitment to the president” to stay through the election. The story here is not about the pull of a hometown, but rather about a stark failure—Daley’s failure at the job, and the president’s choice of the wrong man for the task.”

-Paul Starobin, “The Rise and Fall of Bill Daley: An Inside Account

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton said Tuesday his agency deported nearly 400,000 individuals during the fiscal year 2011. The numbers were the largest reported in the agency’s history.

For an investigative look at ICE’s frightening immigration policies, read TNR Reporter-Researcher Nathan Pippenger’s series on immigration, addressing the question: why are undocumented immigrants that the administration says it intends to help stay in this country still facing deportation?

Also, is immigration Rick Perry’s Achilles’ heel?

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