Does America need a re-do of the O.J. trial?

"There would be other useful aspects to “All Trayvon All The Time.” It would highlight the true, but pernicious, nature of racial profiling. The idea here is not that profiling happens “even” to people like, say, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Mistakes like Zimmerman’s are perpetrated against black people, period—and Trayvon’s teenaged Twitterverse braggadoccio, as I have written, shows him to have been precisely the type of normal kid who is routinely victimized by such evil. Trayvon’s case can also create racial empathy in other meaningful, if less substantial, ways. He was handsome, and even his name, a created, post-sixties one with a redolence more of The Wire than black Martha’s Vineyard, has a sound that many Americans of all walks subconsciously embrace as authentic, approachable.”

- John McWhorter, The Case for Televising the Trayvon Martin Trial: America Needs a Re-Do of the O.J. Case

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times