Is this the end of Dennis Kucinich’s political career?

"Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum aren’t the only ones facing voters this Super Tuesday. Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich is one of eleven incumbents in Congress who will be fighting to keep their seats as a result of redistricting. Current polls suggest that Kucinich will lose to fellow Democratic Congressman Marcy Kaptur. But if today marks the end of Kucinich’s political career, no one can claim it was a boring ride. From quixotic Presidential runs, to UFO sightings, to impeachment proceedings upon impeachment proceedings, TNR takes a look back."

-TNR Staff, A Preemptive Eulogy For The Ludicrous Dennis Kucinich

What were the most ridiculous, over-covered stories of 2011?

"We admit it. We perpetuated some of these stories. But that doesn’t mean we think they should stick around."

- The Editors, “The Most Over-Covered Stories,” in TNR’s November 3rd issue

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Our featured collection of lists profiles the most powerful, least famous people in Washington, the most over-rated thinkers in our nation’s capital, Washington’s most overused words, and other lists that reveal how DC really works.

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