Why does The Weekly Standard have an obsession with hippies?

"Last April, former TNR Senior Editor Jonathan Chait asked a piercing question: "Why Does the Weekly Standard Hate Hippies So Much?" Chait’s pictorial tour of hippies on the cover of the right-wing magazine did little to stop the epidemic. In fact, The Weekly Standard may have taken it as a challenge: In the last six months alone, the magazine has had no less than five covers depicting liberals in long-haired hippie glory.”

—TNR Staff, “Slideshow: The Weekly Standard’s Obsession with Hippies Continues

Image from The Weekly Standard.

"Perry is Romney without the weaknesses — a tall, handsome, alpha male with extraordinary hair who fulfills the cinematic vision of a president. Perry has made his career doing exactly what his role calls out for him here — knifing less-ideologically pure Republicans and playing to the party’s id. Ask yourself: what Republican voter would prefer Romney to Perry?

Via TNR.com