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Right-Wing Xenophobes Are Spreading Lies About Migrant Diseases. Again.

In the 1830s, cholera was described as an “Irish disease.”

In the late 1800s tuberculosis was portrayed as a “Jewish disease.”

In 1900, San Franciscans quarantined Chinatown and threatened to burn it down.

In 2005, Lou Dobbs’s CNN show falsely reported that there had been 7,000 leprosy cases.

In 2006, Pat Buchanan claimed that that “clearly the illegal aliens” were to blame for the rise in bedbug infestations.

And now, a Republican is predicting a pandemic because of migrant kids.

Were cigarettes the greatest crime of the twentieth century?

"Moral outrage over the tobacco industry’s century-long (and counting) merchandising of death colors every word of this book, from the title page to the final entry in the index. When you finish reading this superbly contextualized and harrowing work, I predict you will not only share Proctor’s ire, you will even agree with his titular word choice. (Well, almost; and I hope not.)"

- Howard Markel, “The Very Deadliest Habit

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