"Michelle [Obama] should run to be Bloomberg’s successor. New York Democrats have been casting about for a candidate to run for City Hall when Bloomberg leaves office in 2013. Who better than the First Lady? She already has experience in city government, having worked in Chicago in the early 1990s as an Assistant to the Mayor and an Assistant Commissioner of Housing and Development. Politically, the transition would promise to be smooth: Michelle obviously shares the Mayor’s passion for public health issues; and Bloomberg has generally seen eye-to-eye with the Obama White House when it comes to education policy. And one could fairly expect that a Mayor Obama would be an improvement when it comes to matters of poverty and affordable housing. (Plus, more community gardens!)"

- Cameron Abadi, Michelle Obama For Mayor

Photo courtesy of Times Square Gossip

Is Michelle Obama the most animated First Lady this country has ever had?

"When Jackie Kennedy led a television crew through the White House in February 1962, millions of Americans were riveted to the screen. This Wednesday, when Michelle Obama appears on The Colbert Report, it will be a much less exciting, and more commonplace event. It’s starting to seem like the First Lady has been everywhere on our televisions lately, celebrating her “Joining Forces” initiative to help military families or promoting her “Let’s Move!” campaign to combat childhood obesity. While it’s customary for the spouse of the president to spearhead a feel-good campaign like literacy promotion or urban beautification, few have used their fame as Michelle has, or brought as much pizzazz to their projects. (It’s tough to imagine Nancy Reagan teaching Americans how to Dougie.) In an era when celebrity can be the best way to bring attention to a cause, Michelle appears more determined than any previous First Lady to pursue her public advocacy via TV stardom.”

- TNR Staff, Is Michelle Obama Pioneering a New Model For First Ladies?

Photo courtesy of Carl Anthony Online