Is Newt’s fire back?

Gingrich supporters across the board have cited his fiery presence as making him the best-suited candidate to verbally eviscerate Obama in debates. Has Republican hopefuls’ anti-Obama hyperbole guaranteed that this will not be the kind of election Gingrich or anyone else could actually win with a debate?

"This belief may be inextricable from the web of conservative conspiracy theories about Teleprompters and so forth, but for the sake of argument, let’s grant the nub of the Gingrich voters’ point: The speaker, first-class intellectual or no, is a consistently entertaining presence in the debates, and Obama is somewhat less so. The president was stiff and a bit dour compared to his adversaries in the 2008 primaries; his relative victories in the general election debates had more to do with John McCain’s flaws—the anger, the strange wanderings around the stage—than with his own performances."

-Charles Homans, “Would Newt Out-Debate Obama? It Wouldn’t Matter Anyway

Photo courtesy of Christian Science Monitor

A new Gallup poll suggests that Americans agree with the majority of the job-creation proposals in President Obama’s plan, specifically including the ideas of providing tax cuts to small businesses; providing additional funds for hiring teachers, police officers, and firefighters; and giving tax breaks to corporations for hiring the long-term unemployed. Slightly less than half favor reducing Social Security taxes for workers and employers.

With tomorrow’s Republican debate looming, Rick Perry looks to be the GOP frontrunner.  Does Perry poll better against Romney than if he were pitted against Obama?

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