Quote IconThere is simply no overstating how destructive John Dingell was to the prospects for sensible gun regulation in this country.

When Dingell announced this morning that he is retiring from the House of Representatives after an astonishing 58 years in office, early appraisals rightly noted the many highlights of his long career. But don’t forget that he also singlehandedly stopped the Consumer Protection Safety Commission from regulating guns. 

The Filibuster Does Not Protect Minority Interests

To be sure, there is a bloodless sense in which supermajority rule respects equality, in advance of the decision. In theory, anyone in the voting group has an equal right to make up part of the minority that prevails when a supermajority threshold is decisive. It is even true that counting is not logically and necessarily tied to equal political dignity at all. John Stuart Mill favored a scheme for giving multiple votes—explicitly counted votes—to highly educated elites much like himself, a scheme that one rarely hears about from Mill’s many celebrants. ”

Illustration by Andres Guzman

Quote IconIt is simply naïve to suggest that McConnell is willing to serve in roles as he did this week purely for the sake of the republic, even if it risks sacrificing his own political prospects. If there is one thing that McConnell’s long career in Washington has demonstrated, it is that he has a keen understanding of what it takes for him to get reelected back home and rise up the ranks in Washington.

The Myths the Media Spins About Mitch McConnell’s Motives. 

Quote IconI missed the all-important “let’s briefly pause so Boehner can flail helplessly while the entire world looks on in horror before we officially end this thing” step in the process. In retrospect, I’m not sure how I overlooked it. That final pathetic lurch is a tradition Boehner inaugurated during the fiscal cliff negotiation last December. There was every reason to believe he’d observe that same sacrament this time around.

John Boehner’s Shutdown Endgame