So You Want To Buy An Election

"On Friday, Supreme Court justices will meet in a private conference to consider whether to hear Bluman v. FEC, a case that concerns the rights of foreign non-citizens living in the U.S to spend money in U.S. elections. Whether or not the Court sets the case for a full hearing, it is likely to conclude that our current law does not violate the First Amendment rights of foreigners. That would be the right result. But it would require ignoring the precedent of Citizens United v. FEC, which upheld similar rights for corporations.”

Read Rick Hasen’s full article here.

Our living arrangements are getting more progressive, but what about the politics behind them?

Read Isaac Chotiner’s guest blog post, “Homophobia, Racism, and Bad Excuses.”


Households by Type: 1970 to 2011

While “family” households are still the majority, what comprises a “family” is less and less about “traditional” married couples (gay or straight) with kids.

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The question is not if, but when will Greece default?

A detailed infographic lays out the current financial state of individual EU member states and the region as a whole.

To learn about the key players in negotiating (or stopping) a eurozone bailout, check out TNR’s slideshow “Meltdown: Who’s Who is the Eurozone Crisis?

Infographic courtesy of Forex News Now.

It’s all about trust.

In a new chart, Jonathan Cohn shows us that more Americans trust Obama to create jobs than Congressional Republicans, citing the President’s more aggressive rhetoric:

Obama on Tuesday criticized Cantor – and he did so by name:

'Yesterday, the Republican Majority Leader in Congress, Eric Cantor, said that right now he won’t even let this jobs bill have a vote in the House of Representatives.

This is what he said. Won’t even let it be debated. Won’t even give it a chance to be debated on the floor of the House of Representatives. Think about that. I mean, what’s the problem? Do they not have the time? They just had a week off. Is it inconvenient?’”

-Jonathan Cohn, “Promising Signs About the Jobs Bill?

Photo courtesy of Roll Call.