Quote IconDemocrats aren’t going to win two-thirds of either chamber of Congress any time soon, but as their counterparts in California showed, over time, enough people will eventually tire of the Republicans’ shenanigans (see what happened with the recent farm bill) and expand the Democrats’ hold over the electorate—which is a precondition for keeping the presidency, winning back the House, and being able to get their bills passed and nominees confirmed.

Study the Moonbeam, Obama. By John B. Judis.

Why are community colleges being treated worst when they’re need most?

"It was also, in California and elsewhere, a system deliberately designed to discriminate against lower-income students. Community colleges are a distinctly American institution that arose to fulfill a particular need. Migration and economic growth ballooned the population of Sun Belt states the middle of the 20th century at the same time that economic and social trends were driving more people to college. Community colleges were a way to meet that need on the cheap. Students would pay less, but so would the government. In round numbers, California currently spends twice as much per student educating U.C. students as it does on CSU students, and twice as much on CSU students compared to those in community colleges."

- Kevin Carey, Why Are Community Colleges Being Treated Worst When They’re Needed Most?

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It’s not hard to find weed in California. 

But if the Department of Justice keeps threatening landlords who rent to medical marijuana dispensaries with arrest, prosecution, and property seizures, President Obama will make more enemies than friends in the pot-loving state. How much jurisdiction does the federal government have over this issue?

"Marijuana advocates are largely skeptical of the Obama administration’s intentions, saying that its crackdown is motivated not by a desire to fight criminality, but by a fear that the burgeoning medical marijuana industry was threatening its own authority."

-Tim Fernholz, “Why Has the Obama Administration Declared War on Medical Marijuana?

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