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Tumblr fans, in case you’ve missed it, TNR’s latest issue is here!

In this issue, Alec MacGillis explains how Paul Ryan convinced Washington of his genius, Timothy Noah describes how Mitt Romney would squash the recovery, Molly Redden confronts the perils of running against Todd Akin, T.A. Frank rides out the recession at Disneyland, Ken Silverstein buckrakes around the world with Tony Blair, and Nathan Heller reflects on the cranky wisdom of Peter Kaplan.

PLUS, David Denby laments the profit motive in American movies, David Thomson wonders why American movies don’t aspire to greatness, Mark Lilla recounts how a religious revolution secularized society, and Ruth Franklin tackles Zadie Smith’s identity crisis. Also, don’t miss Robert Alter on the King James Bible, and Leon Wieseltier on U.S. foreign policy.

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"But those same justices betrayed no sense that the law might exist for a reason—that Congress had tried, however imperfectly, to address a very real crisis with very real human costs; that, for tens of thousands of Americans every year, if not more, the Affordable Care Act will likely mean the difference between financial solvency and bankruptcy or maybe even life and death. Those facts don’t give Congress the right to violate the constitution, if the justices truly believe that’s what the mandate does. But those facts should give the justices pause, as they contemplate a ruling and its implications—and whether the individual mandate is a "necessary and proper" method of regulating the insurance market."

-Jonathan Cohn, “The Justices Should See ‘What It’s Like’”

Is climate change a wedge issue versus Romney?

"Looked at another way, though, climate change might not be a bad thing for Obama to talk about—as a wedge issue, with certain audiences. Specifically, the well-educated swing voters who backed him last time around but may be taking a look at Romney, who showed strength with upscale voters in the Republican primary. National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar recently argued that this is a real vulnerability for Obama:

It’s easy to forget, now that Obama is preaching a populist message on the campaign trail, that a major part of his support came from the very 1 percent that he’s now calling on to pay their fair share in taxes. Obama carried the super-wealthy—those making $200,000 or more a year—with 52 percent of the vote, 17 points more thanJohn Kerry won in 2004. But now surveys show Obama losing significant ground with affluent voters, trailing Romney 49 percent to 43 percent among those making $100,000 or more in the latest Quinnipiac poll—his worst showing among any economic demographic.”

- Alec MacGillis (and a quote from Josh Kraushaar), Is Climate Change A Wedge Issue vs Romney?

Photo courtesy of Earth beat Radio

Will Mitt Romney’s budget ax have an Oedipus complex?

"Mitt Romney, as everyone knows by now, has pretty much lived his life in hopes of living up to the example set by his father George, possibly to his own political detriment. For him now to be casually suggesting that he’ll jettison the federal agency that his father led suggests, once again, that the daddy issues here are rather more complex than meets the eye. George Romney was not just named to lead HUD by Richard Nixon—he was fiercely committed to the department’s work, and resented Nixon’s attempts to rein in his plans for it, eventually resigning his Cabinet in protest. In their indispensable new biography of Mitt, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman note that Nixon had appointed Romney to HUD as a way to punish him for refusing to release his delegates to Nixon at the 1968 GOP convention.”

Alec MacGillis, Will Mitt’s Budget Ax Have An Oedipus Complex?

- Photo courtesy of Sumnonrabidus’s Blog


Reminder! We’ll be in D.C. next Wednesday, Feb. 29 for a special night with The New Republic at Busboys and Poets. It’s a free event, and you can RSVP on the Longreads Facebook page.

“Uncovering the Cover Story” will feature The New Republic’s Rachel Morris, Eliza Gray, Alec MacGillis,…


Reminder! We’ll be in D.C. next Wednesday, Feb. 29 for a special night with The New Republic at Busboys and Poets. It’s a free event, and you can RSVP on the Longreads Facebook page.

“Uncovering the Cover Story” will feature The New Republic’s Rachel Morris, Eliza Gray, Alec MacGillis,…

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Reading List for ‘Uncovering the Cover Story’ with Longreads and The New Republic


Reminder! We’ll be in D.C. next Wednesday, Feb. 29 for a special night with The New Republic at Busboys and Poets.

It’s a free event, and you can RSVP on the Longreads Facebook page.

“Uncovering the Cover Story” will feature The New Republic’s Rachel Morris, Eliza Gray, Alec MacGillis, Timothy Noah and Editor Richard Just.

Want some #longreads to check out beforehand? Here’s a reading list:

• Eliza Gray, Assistant Editor: “The Collector.”

• Alec MacGillis, Senior Editor: “The Guy Who Fires You: What voters really think about Romney’s wealth.” and “Temperamental Journey: The peculiar anger of Mitt Romney.”

• Timothy Noah, Senior Editor and TRB columnist: “The Mobility Myth: Why everyone overestimates American equality of opportunity.”

Join us on February 29th at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC for this event!


Coming Wednesday, Feb. 29!

The New Republic and Longreads present: “Uncovering the Cover Story,” featuring Rachel Morris, Eliza Gray, Alec MacGillis, Timothy Noah, and The New Republic Editor Richard Just.

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The newest issue of The New Republic is out!

In our cover story, “The Guy Who Fires You,” TNR Senior Editor Alec MacGillis hits the campaign trail and reveals what voters really think about Mitt Romney’s wealth. For additional GOP campaign coverage read Noam Scheiber’s “The Inheritance,” on why Romney’s obsession with success envy is a family affair.

Don’t miss Timothy Noah’s TRB column on what Obama and Romney have in common, special correspondent Charles Homans brilliant profile of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, and Paul Berman’s tribute to Václav Havel.

Be sure to check out TNR’s Books and Arts section for detailed book reviews, including Thomas Nagel on Daniel Kahneman, Michael Ignatieff on the return of sovereignty, Leon Wieseltier on Jewish fevers, and more!

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