Is the conservative press misreporting the candidates tax plans?

Twenty-four hours later, the conservative reaction to a devastating report about Mitt Romney’s tax plan is proving almost as interesting as the report itself.

The report, published by the Brookings-Urban Tax Policy Center, demonstrated that Romney’s plan, if implemented, would reduce taxes for the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans but increase taxes for everybody else. It’s one part of a larger agenda that would likely require, thanks to a proposed cap on federal spending, deep cuts to key government programs touching everything from health care to education to law enforcement.

As I said yesterday, if you’re like most Americans, this is a plan to undermine your government services and stick you with a higher tax bill, all so Romney and his pals in the penthouse suite can keep more of their money.

Jonathan Cohn — Romney on Taxes: Deny, Distract, Dissemble

Will Romney be the last GOP holdout against breaking up the banks?

There’s a lot of thinking on the right these days that the banks need to be brought under control. The very conservative Dallas Fed called for breaking up the big banks this past spring. The Arkansas financier Warren A. Stephens said the same thing on the Wall Street Journal’s very conservative op-ed page around the same time. So did James Pethokoukos of the almost pathologically conservative American Enterprise Institute, also in theWeekly Standard. And so did Arnold Kling of the libertarian Cato Institute in National Review. All these conservatives have turned up, on this issue, in bed with a gaggle of thinkers on the left: Katrina vanden HeuvelRobert ReichSherrod BrownBernie Sanders … I could go on.

You heard similar talk about breaking up the big banks during the early primary season from Jon Huntsman, but you aren’t hearing anything remotely like it from most conservative politicians, most especially not from Mitt Romney or Republican leaders in Congress.

Timothy Noah — "Campaign Advice That Mitt Won’t Take"

Why does The Weekly Standard have an obsession with hippies?

"Last April, former TNR Senior Editor Jonathan Chait asked a piercing question: "Why Does the Weekly Standard Hate Hippies So Much?" Chait’s pictorial tour of hippies on the cover of the right-wing magazine did little to stop the epidemic. In fact, The Weekly Standard may have taken it as a challenge: In the last six months alone, the magazine has had no less than five covers depicting liberals in long-haired hippie glory.”

—TNR Staff, “Slideshow: The Weekly Standard’s Obsession with Hippies Continues

Image from The Weekly Standard.

Christopher Hitchens: Relentless, exasperating, and brilliant.

"Above, all, Christopher hated bullies. Nobody likes them, of course, but Hitchens really hated them. Most of the bullies he wrote about deployed the apparatus of the military or the state to achieve their ends, but his best bully story—really, the best bully story I’ve ever heard from anyone—was about the British public- (i.e., private-) school kind.”

-Timothy Noah, “Hitch, 1949-2011.”