ICYMI Tumblr Fans: The New Republic’s post-election issue features Timothy Noah on obstacles to the Obama agenda, Alex Pareene on jokes and the political class, John B. Judis on permanent majorities, and David Greenberg on the myth of second term failure. Also, don’t miss Joshua Cohen on the ghosts of Atlantic City, Will Blythe on how to save college basketball, Jed Perl on Andy Warhol’s legacy, and Leon Wieseltier’s lessons from Hurricane Sandy

Good afternoon. The digital edition of our July 12th issue is now available online.

Read Walter Kirn’s TNR debut on why he wishes the Obamas would stop inviting him to dinner, Jake Tapper on “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin’s empty critique of cable news, Jack Goldsmith on why SCOTUS leaks less than the CIA, Eliza Gray on Mormons networking in DC, and John McWhorter on speech in the age of Twitter

Check out our exclusive London 2012 coverage, including: Howard Jacobson on London’s comical mayor Boris Johnson, Aleksander Hemon on the pleasures of hating English football, Linda Colley on Britain’s constitutional crisis, Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the Scottish threat to Britain, and Robert Skidelsky on the domestic exile of John Maynard Keynes.  

Also, don’t miss Timothy Noah’s TRB column on Mitt Romney’s minimum wage position, Sean Wilentz on Lyndon Johnson’s feuds, Leon Wieseltier on Amazon’s scheming, and much more.

Why everyone overestimates American equality of opportunity.

Read an excerpt from Senior Editor Timothy Noah’s upcoming book, The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do About It, published in the March 1, 2012 issue of the magazine.

"Most of Western Europe today is both more equal in income and more econmically mobile than the United States. And it isn’t just Western Europe. Countries as varied as Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Pakistan all have higher degrees of income mobility than we do. A nation that prides itself on its lack of class rigidity has, in short, become significantly more economically rigid than many other developed countries. How did our perception of ourselves end up so far out of sync with reality?”

—Timothy Noah, “The Mobility Myth: Why everyone overestimates American equality of opportunity.

The New Republic’s special on inequality is out!

In our cover story, “The Mobility Myth,” we feature excerpts from TNR Senior Editor Timothy Noah’s forthcoming book The Great Divergence.

In addition, the inequality issue features riveting pieces by Andre Dubus III, Nell Minnow, and Isabel Wilkerson.

Also, don’t miss Timothy Noah’s TRB column on Mitt Romney’s handling of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and Molly Redden’s profile of the eccentric billionaire bankrolling Rick Santorum’s candidacy.

Be sure to check out TNR’s Books and Arts section for detailed book reviews, including: Isaac Chotiner on the Mumbai slums, Fouad Ajami on the power of a Syrian novel, and Leon Wieseltier on what the United States should do about the uprising in Syria.

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A new poll by Bloomberg shows four out of every ten people in the U.S. are doubtful of elected officials’ ability to get them out of our nation’s current economic slump, and most unhappy Americans blame Republicans for problems in Washington. Full poll results are here.

Registered Republican Nicole Olin, 31, a bank supervisor:

"I do put the majority of blame on the Republicans, because they seem to be the least willing to give up anything".

While neither party seems to be basking in high approval ratings, find out why TNR’s Timothy Noah thinks Obama is still unbeatable.

Courtesy of Bloomberg