Quote IconComing so soon after the release of the new “House of Cards”’ season, this feels like a necessary corrective to that show’s hollow cynicism. This lying, scheming Washington couple are no less amoral than Frank and Claire Underwood—they’ve certainly killed more people, and their goals are far more destructive to the United States. But while “The Americans” doesn’t downplay the Jennings’ misdeeds (or the Soviet Union’s crimes), it foregrounds their motivations: not naked self-interest but devotion—to their children, their homeland, their ideals.

The Most Humane Drama on Cable Is About a Bunch of Murderous Spies

Quote IconI’m wondering if this type of “feminism”—the kind where women twist “small, maybe irrelevant falsehoods” to expose “greater, far more important truths”—will sit well with many feminist women out there. Claire Underwood isn’t intended to be a sympathetic character on “House of Cards”; she is supposed to be right up there with Frank in terms of ruthless, self-serving, amoral ambition—the Lady MacBeth to his Iago.

Claire Underwood a Feminist Hero? Hardly.