Cafe Milano in Georgetown is the place to see and be seen. According to the Washington Post’s gossip column “Reliable Source,” it’s also the location for a foiled terror plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the United States:

I mention this because the Saudi ambassador’s purported fondness for the place is merely the latest instance confirming that Cafe Milano has become the most fashionable restaurant in Washington, DC., without ever entering the usual intermediate stage of becoming one of the best.”

-Timothy Noah, “The Mystery of Cafe Milano.”

Photo courtesy of Wonkette.

On Monday, the world reacted to King Abdullah’s announcement that women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to participate in municipal elections.

 At a glance, it certainly sounded like terrific news—what, after all, is a more direct emblem of the march of progress than the right to vote? But while the announcement may represent some very marginal progress, Saudi Arabia remains one of the worst places on earth to be a woman. Because the country’s ruling regime is, nominally at least, an American ally, the plight of Saudi women doesn’t receive nearly as much attention in Washington as it should. But it is truly one of the human rights catastrophes of our time.”

-The Editors, The New Republic. “Saudi Women Can Now Vote. But Their Plight Remains a Calamity.”