Will more prominent, respected conservatives come out of the woodwork to defend Obamacare’s constitutionality? This is the fifth.

"The individual health mandate surely passes constitutional muster under settled judicial principles. The Constitution’s Commerce Clause grants Congress the authority “to regulate commerce … among the several States.” The Court’s precedents establish without question that Congress may regulate intrastate economic activities that Congress (not the Court) reasonably concludes have a substantial effect on interstate commerce. The existence of such congressional authority is especially clear when the challenged provision itself is part of a comprehensive legislative scheme that regulates interstate commerce.”

- Henry Paul Monaghan, A Conservative Law Professor on the Obvious Constitutionality of Obamacare

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Celebrate Presidents’ Day by brushing up on the glories and glitches of the institution. 

"In 1787, nothing quite like this office existed anywhere on earth. Hereditary monarchs and feudal lords held sway across the Old World, and American states generally allowed only propertied men to vote for or serve as governors. By contrast, the framers of the Constitution designed the presidency as an office that would be open to rich and poor alike, and imposed no constitutional property qualifications on presidential electors or ordinary voters. In the 1960s, the Constitution’s Twenty-fourth Amendment went a step further, freeing presidential and other federal elections from poll taxes that might limit voting by the poor."

- Akhil Reed Amar, “Two Cheers For the American Presidency!

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A man was arrested recently in Montana under suspicion of driving under the influence. After testing at four times the legal limit, he was placed under arrest and proceeded to go on a drunken Ron Paul-citing rant about his constitutional rights.

The producer of the video may not be a Ron Paul 2012 supporter, but this man sure is. And he sure knows his Constitution. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the officers who picked him up on that fateful night in big sky country.

Courtesy of National Geographic