What makes baseball worthy of its status as the great American pastime? 

"MLB players, compared to athletes in the other major sports, are also a fairly contented bunch. The 1994 strike, which wiped out the World Series that year, is all but forgotten. The collective bargaining agreement the powerful players union signed last fall runs until 2016 and raises the minimum salary to $500,000 per year. Neither pro basketball nor pro football owners write checks so large to first-year players. The new baseball contract also instituted a strict drug-testing program, which the players accepted in order to avoid any repetition of the steroids scandal which badly tarnished their image."

— Michael Kazin, “Why Baseball is the Best—And Least Exploitative—American Sport

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Have superstar contracts ruined the game of basketball?

"Today’s NBA culture is largely a question of money. Players like Carmelo now make anywhere from three to six times as much as their highly paid coaches. They are the one percent of their profession. And in sports, just as in politics, the super elite usually get what they want, even if the rest of us don’t."

-Ari Berman, Carmelo Anthony And The NBA’s One Percent Problem

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